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jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Tree House, New Orleans March 2011

My name is Hanna Quevedo. I am a professional photographer from Spain, and have been living in the United States since 2007. I currently live in San Francisco working as a freelance photographer and staff photographer for San Francisco Weekly and Mission Local. I am also the photo editor for El Tecolote, a bilingual newspaper in the Mission District. In addition to working for three different media publications, I continue to collaborate with independent media as Matador and Indymedia as well.

I started my career in a lab shooting black and white photos. After a while, I began to integrate color into my work. Both have very meaningful purposes in my expression.

For the past 10 years I have been shooting photos with the same intention: to capture the moments I find memorable and share these moments with a wide audience. My theme is “PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS.” To observe and save these images with a 'click' makes me happy, and I believe that joy is felt by those who see my photos.

I am passionate about, and completely dedicated to, capturing “the moment.” Photography is the reason I wake up each day. I see beauty in the simplest things we take for granted. I feel that we are constantly bombarded with negative imagery adapted to manipulate the observer with empathy. I do not pretend to change the world with my photos but I chose to focus on the positive and the beautiful rather than negativity.

I love showcasing my own intricate, perspective of the world around us and I hope that you find my work alluring. Using colors, lights, compositions and the simple magic of PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS reflect the beauty of the world. The artistic opportunities are endless. I love experimenting with digital and analog because the results reflect different experiences, views, feelings and textures. I shoot with medium format, 35 mm and digital.

My work has provided me scholarships and internships in Spain, an assignment in Germany with a European Community project with children, a project in El Salvador, teaching photography in Central America for 4 months in both Usulutan City and San Miguel´s University. I have collaborated with magazines and newspapers in Mexico, Spain and USA (Denver and San Francisco).

I have searched out and taken advantage of every chance to share my work in each city I lived in over the past 9 years including venues such as galleries, art spaces, cafes, collective and individual shows, projections and framed photos.

I continue to learn and grow in my work, to travel and experience the culture of different countries and cities. I plan to continue my travels and hope to publish books of my journeys. I want to have my name in the Magnum photographers list.

These are my dreams and I know they can be fulfilled if I continue to pursue them and fight for them.

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